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Welcome to Mochimitsu, Mochi's hobby anime related dump site. Here you will find her digital creations, occasional contests, friends and other fun scribbles! :) Thanks for dropping by, please do take a look around and visit my affiliates ~ you won't be disappointed. Come back often and check for updates, Happy Browsing!

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Open Hiatus Until August

Wow its been a while! D: Sorry for such a long absence but many unexpected things came about in the last few month. There is somewhat of a medical emergency in my family, as a result, after finishing my first year of college (yes I finished uno year!) I returned home. I left my school laptop (which contains my photoshop, al my designing stuff) back at my own place which essentially means I have little to design with.

I also got a job as a part time office clerk, I work only 3 days a week but that is still 8 hours of my day and by the time  I return home, I am helping around the house and what not.  So I haven't really been able to find the time to design either. blush

With that being said, its Game of Thrones season meaning any free time I have is set aside to watch that. I also really been enjoying other TV shows like Agent Carter, S.H.E.I.D, etc. To be honest the only anime I watched so far is Kekkai Sensen which is absolutely delicious. sad

Despite my lack of time and motivation, I coded this layout I made back in March. Yes March, lol, it took me almost 3 month to find the time to code it. Its a pastal blue with hints of purple/green. There needs to be link updates here and there, which I will get to! I promise.

I return back to my place in August so Mochimitsu will remain on Open Hiatus until than. Hope everyone have an amazing summer!

Icon from Haria Graphics

Swinging February

Well its already February and our Valentine/February layout is here. The series featured is called Reine Des Fleurs, a otome game. The characters are Violette and Leon. cheeky  I can't believe how January just flew by, school is seriously so hard. I did get lots done though, all the prizes from the contest has been send out and I made huge updates all over the site. I finally convereted all the layouts to a dual display rather 1 layout taking up 1 post. Its the best I can come up with at the moment. Maybe in the future I will further tweak it, I want everything to be as compact and easy to look over as possible. Anyways.

Now for my landslide update (again):

  • 4 Main Layouts were added, 3 feature Dramatical Murder and 1 feature Unknown
  • 3 Premade Headers were added, all feature Dramatical Murder
  • 3 Status Layouts were added featuring CLAMP and Unknown
  • 1 Premade Header Layout was added featuring Shinshi Doumei Cross
  • 4 Phone Backgrounds were added, all featuring various couples. PNGs were snagged from Mesmerized. 

As you can see, lots of Dramatical Murder stuff, mainly because I binged watched the anime. Its a very tame Shounen Ai series but it led me to play the actual game out of curiousity and oh mylanta, the game is hardcore. Nevertheless, I still felt compelled to make graphics with the series, I have short OCD obessive episodes with things. wink

I might add other premade header layout (if I find a good image) to even things out in the next few days. Aside from that, no update for a while because I really need to work on my non-anime graphic site and get it going. 

A side note,  I completely lost version 08. Our previous Air layout died without a screenshot. I got a brand new computer over the Holidays and completely forgot to screencap before I swapped in the layout. So...yeah. Gone with the Wind. 

Moreover, our Affiliate Jessica of Otaku Box has vanished so her link was removed. laugh

FEB 8 EDIT: 1 premade header layout was added ^_^ enjoy!

Toodles. Icon from Paradoxicality, welcome back Janus/Jennette

Contest Results & Minor Revamp

HELLO! It appears that Mochi is updating already? Nah, just contest results and some announacements. First and foremost, the holiday icon contest is complete. The winners picked were Brandi of Hakanai Papers and Ryoga of Nihon no Yume but even so everyone had beautiful entries. Winner prizes will hopefully be completed and distributed by the end of this week. All participants should have received an email with a participation award and a button for your site. If you didn't for some reason, please contact me! :) With that out of the way, changes are coming to Mochimitsu,

I have thought of this mutiple times but I am changing the way graphics are going to be displaced on Mochimitsu, in particular layouts and headers. So I am going to be doing so minor revamping around Mochimitsu here and there. This probably won't be complete by the end of January as school has restarted for me. T^T

I do however have a couple of new layouts, headers, etc already made but until the revamp is finished they will not be uploaded as they would have to overhauled along with the other stuff and its just extra work for me.

I have a Valentine Themed layout made for Mochimitsu as well that may go a bit earlier because it compensates for the revamp better. So...revamp! lol

Requests are now also closed as I have enough on my plate. 

Contest plugs:  Brandi, Ryoga, Martin, Pim, Amarie, Sammii, Sasha, Karen, Angie

Icon snagged from Blue Graphics

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