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Welcome to Mochimitsu, Mochi's hobby anime related dump site. Here you will find her digital creations, occasional contests, friends and other fun scribbles! :) Thanks for dropping by, please do take a look around and visit my affiliates ~ you won't be disappointed. Come back often and check for updates, Happy Browsing!

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New Year, New Layout!

Other update! Weeee! In a few hours will be officially 2015! HOW insane is that!? I decided that  a new year deserves a brand new layout *_* thus we have this clouds/sky/freedom themed layout. It was a bit rushed so its not uper amazing but the look does feel libterating. :) Thank you for everyone has participanted in the contest, 2 more days until submissions officially close so hurry with your entry if you want to join. Unfortunately there is no new content update again as I been busy with other projects! One of the them is in fact complete and that would be Star-Drops.org!


Star Drops is my brand new collective, blog, hosting domain and all around for fun domain! I am so glad its done! It took me such a long time to complete this project! Now I have to move on to my other project, Little Rockets, a upcoming non-anime graphic site! I already have an idea what the first layout should be.

Anyways, Happy New Year everyone, stay safe and enjoy the night!


Icon snagged from Linzz's Fate

Happy Holidays!

Hi everyone! Today is Christmas Eve and I want to wish everyone a Merry Christmas and Happy Holidays! There is no real update for Mochimitsu at the moment because I am busy working on my other 2 sites but we have  8 contest submission (go take a look!) so far, cannot wait for more! Thank you everyone who has joined. sad Anyways, I hope everyone is having a great time with family and friends, much love to all!  More updates soon ^_^


Icon from Vizune

When they come, they come at once.

I know this may seem like a landslide update but it is what it is. lol I ended up making this big update for Mochimitsu because I am going on a brief trip with some friends for 2 days and when I come back I will be heading home (as in ma and pa) and it will be the beginning of the endless Christmas Dinners.blush   So first off, yes, I changed the christmas layout for other christmas layout. I thought the previous one was really cute but I didn't like where the tagboard was at all. This new layout is really mellow and "creamy 'n' sweet" so that is what I named it. The PNG is from Chibi Graphics :D

  • 2 New Templates! Both featuring Ookami Shoujo to Kuro Ouji
  • 1 new Premade Header Template featuring Kuroshitsuji
  • Request is open and most likely remain open until Jan.
  • Non-anime templates has been removed, I have a new site I plan to open up in 2015 to display and store my non-anime graphics.
  • Hosting has been removed, I have other new site I plan to open up in 2015 as a collective/blog/hosting site.
  • A template page called Collaborations has been created, this page will feature layouts that I made with other people. Yet to occur.
  • Welcome New Affiliates *duh duh*, Nise of The Flamboyant and Amarie of Sempiternal Disaster, affiliation is invites only for now.
  • Holiday Icon Contest has started.

Which brings me to...the contest! Yes I am hosting other contest, this time a Holiday themed one. To join you need to submit 3 holiday icons of your choice. ^_^ Win a anime doll, a link banner and 5 link buttons, there will be two winners in total.sad

Phew! Now I am going to go finishing packing, toodles!

Icon from Ambrosial Designs

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