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Welcome to Mochimitsu, Mochi's hobby anime related dump site. Here you will find her digital creations, occasional contests, friends and other fun scribbles! :) Thanks for dropping by, please do take a look around and visit my affiliates ~ you won't be disappointed. Come back often and check for updates, Happy Browsing!

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Buttons, Buttons, buttons everywhere

Looks like I finally got a chance to update Mochimitsu! College has been a pain even though its kind of exciting. I am so busy, its crazy how much shopping, cleaning and just taking a nap can take out of you day. cheeky But today, I honestly just do not want to study so I ended up working on the site to escape that, probably not the best idea in the world. lol But I still got lots of stuff done. Its nice to have a solid update once in a while! smiley So what did I add exactly?

  • 50 new blank buttons
  • 16 new patterns
  • 1 new tutorial, Intro to Grunge icons! Took foever to write but hey, we have our first tutorial. 
  • Request page developed and opened.
  • Added new page for upcoming graphics: phone backgrounds.
  • 4 new link buttons for Mochimitsu
  • 3 new link banners donated by Pim
  • A brand new affiliate, welcome Christien 
  • Revamped the hosting page

Solid update is solid. :) See ya ~

Icon via Hey Love

Goodbye Highschool

New Layout!, lol in case you missed it. Goodbye highschool, sunflowers, summer, sodas and free time. Hello university, independence, debt and stress. This brand new layout is, hopefully obviously designed to look like a page ripped out of a notebook. I decided this was a appropriate design for September and as well as a tribute to the fact that I am no longer a highschool student. </3 I seriously cannot recall for the life of me what series this is from but I had this png for a while now. sad

As for content update, I actually do have a whole bunch of blank buttons but I am so lazy to actually upload them. I am going to add them this week so look out of those, I can't recall exactly how many though. 

Aside from that, my blog which I talked about in my last post way back July is actually open! Say hello to MOSHI. I AM going to be quite active on there, documenting my college adventures so feel free to pop over. I am so glad I paid for this domain BEFORE college because my lord its expensive, anyways if you want to read me rant than just headover to  the blog.  I will spare my graphic site the sorrow. blush

Well bye bye. :) Icon from AACE

Contest Results, new additions, upcoming blog

Hello everyone! Sorry for the late announcement of results, I was whisked away on a camping trip on Friday night before I can close the contest so everyone got 2 days of extra voting time. The results are in (view here), first place goes to Sarah of Delicious Oblivion, second place to Lisa of Odeto and third place to Tears of AACE. Congrats to ALL the participates! You all had beautiful entries, all awards have been mailed out  and prize information in process of being collected.


Aside from that, 4 new premade header designs have been added. 3 where added on Thursday and 1 was added today. 3 div and 1 table sad

As for an update on my upcoming blog, I have FINALLY choosen a name! I been pondering for over a week on what I want to name my blog and it is: Moshi. LOL Not as dramatic as some people may have suspected but let me explain. Mochimitsu is a combination of  Mochi and Hachimitsu, going with that thrend, I chose to combine my alias Mochi with the japanese name/word Hoshi (star). A star is symbolic of dreams, hopes, etc and I think is very apprioriate and Mochi, well that would be me. lol I will begin constrsucting the layout for my blog this week and maybe have it up by August. I am leaving for a new city at the end of August to start college. Whoop whoop.

Shameless PLUGGGGGGING:  Sarah, Lisa, Tears, Pim,  Sarah, Lisa, Tears, Pim,  Sarah, Lisa, Tears, Pim,  Sarah, Lisa, Tears, Pim,  Sarah, Lisa, Tears, Pim,  Sarah, Lisa, Tears, Pim,  Sarah, Lisa, Tears, Pim,  Sarah, Lisa, Tears, Pim,  Sarah, Lisa, Tears, Pim,  Sarah, Lisa, Tears, Pim,  Sarah, Lisa, Tears, Pim,  Sarah, Lisa, Tears, Pim,  Sarah, Lisa, Tears, Pim,  Sarah, Lisa, Tears, Pim

Icon from Sugar Graphics || July 28th, 2014

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