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Welcome to Mochimitsu, Mochi's hobby anime related dump site. Here you will find her digital creations, occasional contests, friends and other fun scribbles! :) Thanks for dropping by, please do take a look around and visit my affiliates ~ you won't be disappointed. Come back often and check for updates, Happy Browsing!

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Sunflowers, broken hearts, FB covers & voting.

Hello everyone. I have loads and loads of updates this time around. First off, you may notice that Mochimitsu has a brand new skin going. After visiting this sunflower field on a mini road trip I was inspired to something sunflower themed thus the name "For Sunflowers". I honestly do not like the color yellow, I don't know why but I always want to squint my eyes when I see yellow. surprise I made the yellow really pale though and I think the blue is making it work. 

Next off is I am starting the contest voting as I promised the extended deadline to enter was July 18th and voting starts July 20th which is today. We only had 4 entries but all of them were great~! They can be viewed here. Pick your favorite, voting allowed once per day per IP address:

Voting is over.

Lastly for an actual content update, I added 6 new facebook covers. :) They turned out pretty nice, I think I like the some sort of inspirational/motivating quote I have going on so I think future covers will be similar.

Lastly, I guess I should say that I been bummed out the past couple of days because I made the decision to breakup with my boyfriend. I am going away to other city, miles and miles away for university this fall and I don't want to do long distances. While I would like to think of us as Romeo and Juilet, chances are one or both of us it going to meet new people and things will turn messy. Its a little sad since he was my boyfriend for most of senior year, my grad date, we have lots of photos and memories but in the end I think we both knew our path in life was going to diverge. laugh He understood and didn't try to fight me which is just like him. :( Well enough woe is me.... I am thinking of starting a blog since college will be starting soon and it would be interesting to keep a journal for my college years. *fingerscrossed nothing crazy occurs like swinging chandeliers* cheeky

*Edit: made an error with a contestants name, so sorry!

Icon made by fantajibijon || July 20th, 2014

Something Different :)

Other update? What is going on? Haha no, I am not that diligent. ^_^ Hooooowever, I did do something kind of productive today! I made a AMV for the opening theme of the anime/manga series Kaichou wa Maid Sama. This is the second time I watched the series and its still just as good. Misaki has to be one of my favorite shoujo protagnoists! I really don't like needy/helpless heroines but Misaki is just the opposite, fierce, headstrong and can take care of herself. :) Anyways I wanted to share it! My last AMV I made a year ago has like 44k+ views! I hope this one can get lots of views too. :)




Icon from VIzune || July 9th, 2014

This Heat

Heya everyone. Can't believe its already July, my goodness! Its so fricking hot out right now I am dying, its 90F+/32C+ here right now. I don't feel like going on the computer either because it just generates heat. All I want to do is hide in my basement with ice cream. blush But nevertheless, Mochmitsu has some updates. First off, Icon contest has been extended, so far only 3 entries, I extended it to July 18th, maybe more people will enter? laugh Aside from that, we also have new link exchanges!


Welcome welcome welcome! In regards to linkage, a few affiliates have been deleted because they never replied or added me back after a re-affiliation request. surprise Affiliates who have my old site still linked was moved to the link exchange page, hopefully they eventually update my link. Finally content update as follows:

  • 2 new main layouts added.
  • 8 signatures added a while back.
  • 3 headers added a while back.
  • Web site review applications are open.

Also, I have 2 subdomain hostees now: Sarah and Brandyhearts. :)

That's all, maybe more updates in the future. Soooooo hot....haaaawt. Can't type anymore, peace out! blush

Icon from AACE || July 06, 2014

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