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Welcome to Mochimitsu, Mochi's hobby anime related dump site. Here you will find her digital creations, occasional contests, friends and other fun scribbles! :) Thanks for dropping by, please do take a look around and visit my affiliates ~ you won't be disappointed. Come back often and check for updates, Happy Browsing!

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Icon Contest!

Well after thinking thing about the theme for an icon contest I came up with lemonade. LOL I wanted to stay away from flowers, summer or beach themes as they are super generic and no fun. I figured Lemonade was interesting and provided some difficulty in incorporating the theme. Can't wait to see the entries. I may extend the deadline and poll dates if I don't receive a lot of entries as I realize everyone is finishing up school during this period. blush

Aside from setting up the contest, I have no real updates for the site. cheeky I didn't have the opportunity to actually make anything. Spend most of my spare time watching the anime Black Bullet and its suprisingly good and remind me of Attack on Titan. I feel like I really like these kind of dystopic themed animes, they tend of much more mature storylines and deeper meaning themes. sad

More updates on the site soonish ~

Icon snagged from Janus 92.

New Layout, Smitten & More

Heya everyone, other update from me. Several things has occured in this past week, one of them is I finally have Smitten back and running. I did lose the orignal site so as a result I had to re-do all my fanlistings and I honestly don't remember which ones I joined. laugh Mochimitsu also has a new skin called Bubblegum, I was starting to get tried of the dark colors and wanted something bright, colorful and happy for the summer months.blush This cute PNG can be found at Vizune, I been eyeing for it for a while but never really got a chance to do anything with it until today pretty much. This design is quite incrediby simple (coding wise) compared to some of my other designs but it turned out pretty in my opinion.sad For an actual graphic update, the only thing I added was 2 new status layouts which are both for layout change. We also got other  new link exchange, welcome Pim of Blue Hearts! ^_^

I am kind of considering running other smallish icon contest again with doll prizes once more. Just haven't really thought up a theme. Don't really want the generic summer or flower themes, anyways, maybe within a couple of days there will be a contest open. smiley

Icon by Sasha of Vizune.

Big Update Cuz I'm Sick.

Hello everyone, in the past couple of days Mochimitsu has recieved a huge surge in content. I caught the cold so I been spending a lot of time at home on the computer, thus making lots of new stuff for the site. I do have finals coming up real soon but I already got accepted to University and unless I like bomb my finals, i think I will be okay smiley. Aside from insonmia (due to my plugged nose, urg) and just feeling bleh because of my cold, I been pretty good. I also attempted to watch some new animes too but non of them seem to give me the "awe" factor, I feel like animes now-a-days aren't as good quality. Anyways, here are my updates

  • 3 Premade Header Layouts
  • 2 Non-anime Layouts
  • 2 Status Layouts
  • 10 Pixel Dolls (added a loooong time ago)
  • 6 Patterns

In addition, please welcome my new affiliate Janus from Janus 92!  sadHer graphic site is pretty awesome, if you haven't visited her, please do so. Lucien, someone I already admire is also link exchanging with us with her Icon site Hey love! cheeky

Also, since there was a couple inquiries, I am not open for requests or reviews at the moment. Sorry but I have to get Mochimitsu on its feet before doing requests and reviews. There will be a request/review page available once I am happy with Mochimitsu's progress.

I will be doing a link exchange sweep soon because I know some of my link exchange are either no longer active or aren't aware that I moved. I been so busy I haven't really had the time to do that.  A few of my affiliates hasn't really updated my link yet, I am hoping they will eventually. laugh

Toodles, Icon by Hey Love

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