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The Very Beginning

Mochimitsu was orginally hosted on a hosting site called So Pink starting in 2011 but I neglected because I was so obssessed with playing MMORG games at the time. Unfortunately old layouts and stuff were lost. It eventually closed down and later around in November of 2011, I decided to try having a website one more time and applied to hosting at Three-Words.net.


My last layout before the domain expired.

Mochimitsu was moved to subdomain under the domain name of l-amor.net and for over 2 years would stay under this domain. I developed my graphic skills and I offered a variety of free anime related graphics on my site. I realized I really like graphic making and maintained a graphic orientated site. However, at the beginning of 2014 the domain name of l-amor.net expired and I waited for it to renew which it never was. I was knee deep in University applications and could not keep in touch my host. Three-Words.net was also moving towards paid hosting and free subdomain hosting was slowly withering away. Eventually my account was completely removed before I could back it up. Finally, around May I dished out around $100 to pay for a 2 year hosting plan at Arvixe.com.


In May 2014, I bought my own hosting plan and domain name to avoid expiration and being at the mercy of a host! I think it was a pretty big investment for me but I feel like it was a good choice and would allow Mochimitsu to live on for other 2 years. :D