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The following are anime reviews done by me. Please note these are my opinions and suggestions! Spoilers spoilers spoilers EVERYWHERE! lol

Rating: PG
Category: Shoujo, Reverse Harem, Otome
Release:Winter 2013
Warnings: Violence
Quick Summary: The Heroine wakes up on August 1st and finds she has lost all her memories! She does not know her name, who she is or where she is. She appears to be at work but cannot remember where she works. Soon a mysterious fairy boy appears before her and explains that while on his way to the human world he bumped into her and as a result is trapped inside her soul. As a result of this, she has lost all her memories and she will continue to forget things to the point where she forget how to breathe and die. He tells her she must try to use things in her life and remember who she is before it is too late. By the heroine side is her childhood friends Shin, Toma and her co-workers Ikki and Kent. But what is her true relantionship to them? And why everytime she gets closer to finding who she is, the time travels backwards to August 1 and the people in her life change?


The full review this anime is not available yet, its coming!

Posted by Mochi