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Website Review

Want some opinions on your web site? Well, Mochimitsu offers web reviews. If you don't know what the review includes, check out previous reviews done to get an idea! By applying for review, your are agreeing to the following terms:

  • Allow your coding to be critiqued.
  • Allow your presentation as a web owner to be critiqued.
  • Allow your web design to be critiqued.
  • Allow your your content to be critiqued.
  • Allow organization to be critiqued.
  • By applying for web review, you are allowing me to write an opinionated page on your website. Please do not complain or get upset over a review. If you cannot handle criticism, this is not for you.


    Be sure to use Review Application or something similar as your subject. Leave the Link 1 and Link 2 blank. :)

    Email Address:
    Link 2:

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