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Contacting Me.

Getting a hold of me privately

Please use the form below to contact me if you have a comment, question, concern or report you wish to tell me in private. Please give me a couple days to reply as sometimes I am too busy to reply immediately. If you hear no response, sometimes the script fails so please let me know in the tagboard that you have contacted me or send me a email directly to mochiflavoured@yahoo.com.

Applying for LE & Affies.


Affiliation is invite only at the moment*

1. Friendly, visit my site and leave me a hello once in a while, I will do the same.
2. The site must be in English.
3. Your site must be free of 18+ material, too many popups or stolen stuff.
4. Your site must be active, updated at least once every 3 month
5. If you decided to go on hiatus/closing PLEASE tell me or make a post on your site, don't just disappear!
6. I am not picky about your graphic skills or designing abilities, however, there should be plenty of effort. Premades are fine too, I realize not everyone has PS.
7. Affiliates are considered friends, I would like to get to know you, please do not apply and just ignore me. ;_;
8. I should be linked on every page or distinguished from one page link exchanges.

What is Invite Only? It means affiliation is available to sites that I request affiliation with, applications for Mochimitsu is no longer accepted, mainly to keep the list from getting overtly long. :)

Link Exchange

1. Must be free of 18+ material
2. Must be updated at least once a year
3. Must not have too many popups.
4. Your site must be OPEN when you apply

In the event that you get no reply or this form is not working for you (ie. CAPTCHA) than don't be shy, talk to me on the tagboard.

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Reason of Contact: Affiliation
Link Exchange
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