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Tiny table is tiny! While I don't like tiny layouts for my own sites I do enjoy making these teeny weany layouts! So adorbs! This teal colored design is featuring the anime and manga series Okami Shojo to Kuro Oji. Featuring wolf girl Erika and her unwilling suitor (or should I say willing with a catch? lol) Sata Kyouya. I finished the anime as of yesterday and totally wanted to do designs with them. This is ideal for a collective or small site! Enjoy!

The PNG is from Loveboxx, thanks to Brandi for completing my request for PNGs for this series!

How to Use

  • Download this design and using a program like 7zip, unzip the contents.
  • Open the file index.html and edit, this is the default page.
  • Once you have edited/created pages and you are satisfied, upload them on to your host
  • For additional help, please contact me via Mochimitsu
  • Rules

  • When using my designs, a link back is nessecary but doesn't have to be every page.
  • Please do not redistribute any of designs.
  • The credit section can be moved to a different place/page but should be visible somewhere on your site so sites who contributed to the creation of this design is credited.
  • You are welcome to modify or create derivatives (such as avatars) for your own use, please do not make additional graphics from my layouts
  • Credits

    Template designed by Mochimitsu
    Textures from Missesglass
    PNG by Loveboxx
    Background downloaded from Colorlovers