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Other premade header design, again using a header from Cherry Tree! This design embodies one thing: less is more! Literally, this has to be one the most simple coding I have ever done for a design. The total amount of time I spend coding this was like 15 min. This design took me about 30min or so to make. But It still looks quite nice imo, sometimes its nice to just have a simple and good ol' fashioned div layer. The image was already super nice so I just threw some soft light circles on it and boom, done! :)

How to Use

  • Download this design and using a program like 7zip, unzip the contents.
  • Open the file index.html and edit, this is the default page.
  • Once you have edited/created pages and you are satisfied, upload them on to your host
  • For additional help, please contact me via Mochimitsu
  • Rules

  • When using my designs, a link back is nessecary but doesn't have to be every page.
  • Please do not redistribute any of designs.
  • The credit section can be moved to a different place/page but should be visible somewhere on your site so sites who contributed to the creation of this design is credited.
  • You are welcome to modify or create derivatives (such as avatars) for your own use, please do not make additional graphics from my layouts