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Manga Reviews

The following are manga reviews done by me. Please note these are my opinions and suggestions! Spoilers spoilers spoilers EVERYWHERE! lol


Rated: 14 or over
Category: Fantasy, Dark, Shonen Ai
Release: October 2005
Complete: ONGOING
Warnings: Violence, suggestive incest
Quick Summary: Sakurai Yuki is a orphaned boy that discover he has mysterious powers such as seeing in to people's hearts and finding about their pasts. As these powers intensifies, Yuki runs into danger caused by a mysterious and dark power. This is when Yuki meets and is saved by man with sliver eyes and silky black hair with a mysterious aura who claims he will never betray Yuki. Who is this strange young man? Just when things can't be more confusing, suddenly Yuki's 'brother' suddenly appears to pick him up at the Orphange and take him away. Just what on earth is going on?


Nurarihyon No Mago

Rated: PG
Category: Fantasy, Dark, Comedy
Release:March 2008
Complete: YES
Warnings: Violence
Quick Summary: Rikuo Nura is part human and part yōkai. His grandfather was the legendary Nurarihyon, head of the Nura clan and with Rikuo's father Rihan dead, Rikuo is bestowed the duty of taking over. But all Rikuo wants is a normal childhood and keeps the demon clan a secret from all of this friends. However, trouble stirs as Nurarihyon ushers Rikuo to succeed him and the lines of Rikuo's human and demon world begin to blur.



Guest Reviewer: Lucien
14 or over
Category: Comedy, Romance
Release: September 2006
Complete: NO
Author: Hiiro Fujiwara
Warnings: Velated sex innuendos
Misaki Ayuzawa is known to be the school's upright student council president, the only one able to keep the rude, vulgar and unreliable male population under control, but she works secretly in a maid cafe where she has to serve the clients as if they were her masters; nobody must discover her secret or her reputation of unyielding president will be destroyed; one day, though, Takumi Usui - the school's most popular student - uncovers her secret....A funny yet romantic story about a girl who detested men until she met the only one guy able to make her change her mind!


Honey x Honey Drops

Rated: Mature
Category: Romance, shoujo, smut
Complete: YES
Warnings: Nudity, Strong sexual undertone
Quick Summary: Yuzuru is an ordinary girl at Houjou High School with a average life until she meets Renge Kai. Kai is a Kugeka, a 'noble' student who comes from a extremely wealthy family. Her upfront and stubborn personality causes him to choose her as his "honey", a companion student that is chosen from the average student body to accompany a Kugeka. Being a honey has many perks economically but also have many debilitating things.  He is to become her "master" and she must aid him in everyday needs so he can graduate and become the new head of his family business. Yuzuru is bitterly against the idea as Kai is both bossy and sexual with her but utlimately agrees because her family is not so well off and could use the additional money that comes with being a Honey. So Yuzuru agrees and as time goes by, both her and Kai grow increasely close much to the dismay of those around them.


Vampire Knight

Rated: 14 or over
Category: Romance, Fantasy, Dark
Release: April 2004
Complete: YES
Author: Matsuri Hino
Warnings: Violence, incest
Quick Summary: Yuki Cross's earliest memories is a snowing day where she was attacked by Vampires but saved by other, Kanami. 10 years later, young Yuki is attending Cross Academy and the adopted daughter of the head master. Cross Academy is no ordinary school, by day, the school is for normal human students but at night is attended by Vampires! Yuki and her adopted brother Zero, a boy who lost his entire family to a vampire attack must keep the delicate balance of the human and vampire world. To complicate her world, Yuki must figure out the romance budding between her and Kaname and Zero's growing feelings for her.