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Manga Reviews

The following are manga reviews done by me. Please note these are my opinions and suggestions! Spoilers spoilers spoilers EVERYWHERE! lol

Rated: 14 or over
Category: Romance, Fantasy, Dark
Release: April 2004
Complete: YES
Author: Matsuri Hino
Warnings: Violence, incest
Quick Summary: Yuki Cross's earliest memories is a snowing day where she was attacked by Vampires but saved by other, Kanami. 10 years later, young Yuki is attending Cross Academy and the adopted daughter of the head master. Cross Academy is no ordinary school, by day, the school is for normal human students but at night is attended by Vampires! Yuki and her adopted brother Zero, a boy who lost his entire family to a vampire attack must keep the delicate balance of the human and vampire world. To complicate her world, Yuki must figure out the romance budding between her and Kaname and Zero's growing feelings for her.

Art and Character Design


Vampire Knight has one of the most stunning artworks I seen in manga work. The characters are extremely likeble with big round eyes and a slightly gothic linig that emphasize the dark tone of the story. Both male leads had handsome designs, Kaname's long and messy hair and red eyes made his character appear extra mysterious and vampy. Zero had a very popular and gorgerous design of short sliver hair with beaming purple eyes, dream boy next door look. Yuki, the female lead had ordinary girl design with shoulder length hair which many young female readers can relate too.



The first couple characters of Vampire Knight is fantastic! Hino introduces a series of beautifully drawn vampire characters and a likeable heroine along with the "friendzoned" boy next door. The story was unique with a boarding school that had both humans and a secretive group of vampires. The unknown connection of Yuki and her crush, the gorgeous and mysterious Kaname was also fansinating. As the story progresses and Zero's feelings become apparent, the story grows more even more interesting.

Story Line


I am torn between giving Vampire Knight a 8 hearts or like 1 heart! The first half the story was fantastic with many readers immediately siding with Zero or Kaname for Yuki's love interest. The story was intriguing as Hino introduced the various vampires, their powers and stories. After the death of Rido and Zero supposedly being labelled Vampire Knight, the story should have just ended.
No instead it was dragged out. My god, the second half of the manga was like watching soup slowly evaporate, eventually burning and producing smoke. Kaname who was already established as a calm and intelligent vampire went straight to doofus land, the lovable fearless Yukis somehow became a naive and helpless girl and the entire cast of characters just got flipped on its head. I feel as thought Hino had never planned for more and the story was just made up on the spot. Needless to say, for me, in my head the story ended with Yuki leaving with Kaname and the whole shannigans following afterwards doesn't exsit.



The first half of the story was decently paced however the second half is just dragged out and awful. Nothing ever happened.



The Conclusion was horrible! In about 50 pages of made up events that made no sense, Hino ended the story in a really weird way. I think she was trying to satisfy both Kaname and Zero supporters but the entire ending was just awful. Kaname has decided to cut out his heart, 'die' and become the next vampire weapon. Alright but, he still takes Yuki's virginity AND impregnates her despite not going to be with her? This is complete 180 turn for the original character who is both controlling and non-compulsive. By the second half the story, Kaname has pretty much the personality of a 5 year old...

Than, cue weirdness he insists he wants Zero and Yuki to be together and... dies. Alright, its already bad so just end the story with Yuki and Zero but nope, Hino added a "after several thousand years" where we learn Yuki had a child with each guy. Yuki than dies to "end" her journey by finally restoring Kaname's heart, killing herself and turning him human.

Say what? The ending is so messed up. 

Hino should have just ended the story after the intial plot instead of making his bizzare and terrible part 2. Urg.

Reviewers Final Thoughts

My Favorite part: The fantastic and complex relationship of Zero and Kaname, complicated by revege, murder and manipulation.

My Disliked part: Need I say more? The awful and bizzare ending of the un-nessecary part 2.

Posted by Mochi