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Manga Reviews

The following are manga reviews done by me. Please note these are my opinions and suggestions! Spoilers spoilers spoilers EVERYWHERE! lol

Rated: Mature
Category: Romance, shoujo, smut
Complete: YES
Warnings: Nudity, Strong sexual undertone
Quick Summary: Yuzuru is an ordinary girl at Houjou High School with a average life until she meets Renge Kai. Kai is a Kugeka, a 'noble' student who comes from a extremely wealthy family. Her upfront and stubborn personality causes him to choose her as his "honey", a companion student that is chosen from the average student body to accompany a Kugeka. Being a honey has many perks economically but also have many debilitating things.  He is to become her "master" and she must aid him in everyday needs so he can graduate and become the new head of his family business. Yuzuru is bitterly against the idea as Kai is both bossy and sexual with her but utlimately agrees because her family is not so well off and could use the additional money that comes with being a Honey. So Yuzuru agrees and as time goes by, both her and Kai grow increasely close much to the dismay of those around them.

Art and Character Design


The character and art for Honey x Honey is beautiful, its the reason that I started reading this manga. The female characters have beautiful big round eyes, the lines were clean and the general style is very attractive. The male characters have very sleek and handsome designs too, Kai has a messy short hair with a muscular build. The designs were very likable and probably very popular among female readers, its target audience. 



With all the pretty art this manga has to offer, the story itself goes sour from the very beginning. The main female protagonist is incredibily difficult for readers to relate or replace themselves with. (What romantic shoujo mangas aim to do, fulfill a fantasy love story for the reader). I am confused as who the author is trying to target, for shoujo/smut series, I imagine the target girls between the age of 16 or older but the character enbodies no traits for a teenage girl. Instead Yuzuru comes off as everything a teenage girl would not want to be. She is self-contradictory, lacks self-worth and lack of any sort of insiprational personality strait other than the fact that she is willing to withstand any sort of hardship (not sure if that is something worth admiring). In other words, a female reader doesn't really look up but look down on her, not something shoujo mangas are designed to do. I am not sure if the author was trying to make the reader feel better than her character or what? Either way, right from the beginning, the female lead fails to etablisha a connection with readers. Kai is a stereotypical male love interest, in the position of power, dominate, aggressive, possive, protective, etc, etc. While he is not dislikable, he isn't unique either.

Story Line


The manga had no real story line. In shoujo manga, usually, the story line is two characters go from A to B and concludes with them falling in love. There was no development in character or personality, both Yuzuru and Kai had no obvious changes in character. They essentially started from A and never made it to B. Kai did not become less aggressive, possive, sexist, etc, basically he stayed the exact same. Yuzuru did not either, she is still very helpless and borderline annoying in everything she does. Niether character grew. The story line as far as I am concerned is just Kai forcefully sexually harassing Yuzuru even though she secretly likes it. Its okay for 1 or 2 chapters but the manga just dragged on and on. They did go through different obstacles like rivals but the characters themselves do not ever develop.




The entire manga should have been a 1 shot with the max. of 1 volume, this manga was 8 volumes, it was so drag that I skimmed through 5 volumes.



The ending included Kai an Yuzuru being together. The ending it was unsatisfying in that niether character changed, the beginning/ending is the essentially the same which is very dissapointing. I was hoping that at least within the last volume, Yuzuru would develop into a stronger, more likable character and Kai would grow to be more mature. The ending was also so predictable and stereotypical, it just felt very mundane.

Reviewers Final Thoughts

My Favorite part: The design of the characters were very lovely.

My Disliked part: The art is there, the story telling was just a complete fail.

Posted by Mochi