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Manga Reviews

The following are manga reviews done by me. Please note these are my opinions and suggestions! Spoilers spoilers spoilers EVERYWHERE! lol

Guest Reviewer: Lucien
14 or over
Category: Comedy, Romance
Release: September 2006
Complete: NO
Author: Hiiro Fujiwara
Warnings: Velated sex innuendos
Misaki Ayuzawa is known to be the school's upright student council president, the only one able to keep the rude, vulgar and unreliable male population under control, but she works secretly in a maid cafe where she has to serve the clients as if they were her masters; nobody must discover her secret or her reputation of unyielding president will be destroyed; one day, though, Takumi Usui - the school's most popular student - uncovers her secret....A funny yet romantic story about a girl who detested men until she met the only one guy able to make her change her mind!

Art and Character Design


Maid-sama starts slow: if you read the first volume, the artwork looks average and nothing special; half the second volumes and from then on, it's an entirely different story. The character design keeps better and better and the art more and more refined; the characters have the stereotypical big round eyes, so common in shoujo mangas, but the eyes don't take half the character's face (like it happens, to make an example, in Arina Tanemura's works). The leading male has the shoujo bad-boy-like messy hair, while the girl sports a common japanese girl medium-long haircut - again nothing making them different from regular people - but their expressions make them interesting.



The first chapter starts with the heroine yelling like a banshee and having a raging fit; then we are introduced to the leading male and it seems hate at fist sight between the two. Fujiwara-sensei creates a world of realistic and appealing characters alongside characters who can only exist in shoujo mangas; the interaction between these characters, together with the evolution of Misaki and Takumi's unique love story is what makes this series different from other shoujos.

Story Line


This series is never boring. In every volume, there are lots of funny scenes along with one - if not more - events who twist the characters and the readers's point of view and change the story's pace; a new character is introduced in almost every volume. That pattern seems to end with volume 6 and the series looks like headed to became a classical love-triangle manga but, after a few volumes with just hints of future turmoils, new major characters are again introduced to rekindle the storyline and make things interesting for the reader. In the meantime, the leading characters and co-protagonists are never left alone; they also evolve, and their world broadens and their feelings gain new depth.



Coherently fast. The story is never dragged up, every volume - as mentioned above - has an event or a twist who makes it lively, fun to read and compells to read more.



The manga is not complete, yet, so the ending cannot be reviewed; review will be updated as soon as the series is completed.

Reviewer's Final Thoughts

My Favorite part: The storyline (very funny and anti-boredom), the main couple and their dynamic.

My Disliked part: The initial art, quite unrefined (though starting from volume two, it gets better).

Posted by Mochi