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The following are manga reviews done by me. Please note these are my opinions and suggestions! Spoilers spoilers spoilers EVERYWHERE! lol

Rated: PG
Category: Fantasy, Dark, Comedy
Release:March 2008
Complete: YES
Warnings: Violence
Quick Summary: Rikuo Nura is part human and part yōkai. His grandfather was the legendary Nurarihyon, head of the Nura clan and with Rikuo's father Rihan dead, Rikuo is bestowed the duty of taking over. But all Rikuo wants is a normal childhood and keeps the demon clan a secret from all of this friends. However, trouble stirs as Nurarihyon ushers Rikuo to succeed him and the lines of Rikuo's human and demon world begin to blur.

Incomplete Review

This review is incomplete, please come back later!

Posted by Mochi