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Manga Reviews

The following are manga reviews done by me. Please note these are my opinions and suggestions! Spoilers spoilers spoilers EVERYWHERE! lol

Rated: 14 or over
Category: Fantasy, Dark, Shonen Ai
Release: October 2005
Complete: ONGOING
Warnings: Violence, suggestive incest
Quick Summary: Sakurai Yuki is a orphaned boy that discover he has mysterious powers such as seeing in to people's hearts and finding about their pasts. As these powers intensifies, Yuki runs into danger caused by a mysterious and dark power. This is when Yuki meets and is saved by man with sliver eyes and silky black hair with a mysterious aura who claims he will never betray Yuki. Who is this strange young man? Just when things can't be more confusing, suddenly Yuki's 'brother' suddenly appears to pick him up at the Orphange and take him away. Just what on earth is going on?

Art and Character Design


Uraboku has a very gothic and elegnant character designs. Luka in particular has sort of vampy dark eyes, with pale skin and a dark sleek black hair, emboding the seductive demon lover that he represents. Yuki, despite being a boy has a very 'pretty' and innocent design to him that resonates well with the targeted female audience. All the male characters have a wide range of desirable designs from the spiky white hair of Tsukomo to the wild curled locks of Hotsuma. All these extra characters cover a wide range of preferences of the female audience when it comes to appearance.



The introduction was good, I liked the fact that Yuki while is 'ordinary', he is still unique in that he is a orphan. Many protagnoist in order to connect with the general female audience become too stereotypical that its mudane. While Yuki was still relatable, the fact he lives in a orphanage makes him a bit more unique. Other thing I loved how the author introduced the various characters who slowly enter Yuki's life with some mystery but is resolved by Yuki interacting with them. They all had a story of their own, which is fantastic as readers can pick and support several 'pairings'. However, the introduction still had the stereotypical, ordinary boy/girl wakes up with magical powers and needs to save the world bit. While it does offer a wide range of characters and stories, they all rather stereotypical. The firey tempered Hostuma, the bookish Shuusei, the boy next door Tsukomo, the seductive mysterious Luka, etc, etc but all of them are over used character designs.


Story Line


The story line was good. The manga goes in detail with the many secondary protagnoist characters, each having a back drop story so the readers can understand them. This makes all the characters more likable and relatable. Its also nice that all the 'zweilts' have moments with Yuki which means the designated pairings are not solid and readers are free to pair whoever they like, almost like a otome game. Things I did not like includes too little battle scenes, many the panels are somewhat fillers with nothng much happening. While I enjoy going into detail about each character, the main story just seems like going to school and sitting around a lot. I mean, it took 9 volumes to assemble all the zweilts for this major fight.




The main story did not progress very much, despite 9 volumes, there really just has been 2-3 major battles. When the author is not detailing the past and the back drop of each character, the present is really just sitting around. There are some clashes with the enemy but its not exciting or very frequent, just a lot of discussion of 'fighting' when there is actually very little of it. I feel lke the story is a bit of drag and many panels are useless, pace needs to go up,


Not Available.

Reviewers Final Thoughts

My Favorite part: Each secondary protagonist gets their own story and detailing! 2.gif

My Disliked part: Main story does not go anywhere, 9 volumes and still no "major" all out battle.

Posted by Mochi