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What is considereed PG?

For Himitsu, the following is considered "PG".

1. Minor violence.
2. No sexual undertone
3. Minimal swearing.
4. Fully clothed characters excluding bikinis.
5. Topics not too dark but may explore social issues, romance, angst, etc
6. Recommended 12 years old and older

What is considereed 14 or over?

For Himitsu, the following is considered "14 or over".

1. Violence but not graphic.
2. Suggestive sexual content
3. Swearing.
4. Nudity without exposing gentials and breasts.
5. Topics may be unconventional such as sexuality, lolitas, etc
5. Viewers should be at least 14 or older!

What is considereed Mature?

For Himitsu, the following is considered "Mature".

1. Graphic and gorey violence.
2. Explict Sexual Content
3. Swearing.
4. Nudity.
5. Controvestial topics
6. Recommended for 18 or older.