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Free Requests

What is a "request"?

A request is a personalized graphic designed by me for someone specifically in mind. This may be because they don't nessecarily find something on my site they want to use but like my style. They could also want a graphic with their name, their site name, a specific character, size and etc. All my requests are free, instead of making graphics just on a whim, I simply use specifics parameters that were requested. All requests are done in order they are recieved.


1. I reserve the right to reject requests.
2. I reserve the right to make a request as I see fit.
3. I reserve the right to publish requested material on my site.
4. I reserve the right to complete the request in my own time frame.
5. I reserve the right to postpone or cancel a request.
6. To make it fair, one request per person per turn

Things I don't take requests for

1. Wallpapers
2. Avatars
3. Pixel dolls/art or scribbles

Things I will make

1. Layouts (Div, table or iframe)
2. Headers
3. Buttons/Banners/Signatures
4. Facebook covers
5. Ecards/Printable Stationary
6. Phone backgrounds
7. If not listed here, check with me.

Pending list

This list is only utilized when I am busy but still accepting requests.


Make a Request

Email Address:
Reason of Contact: Affiliation
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Contest Submission
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1. Why don't you accept requets for "_______"?

There are certain graphics like avatars and wallpapers that are abudant that I honestly do not feel like contributing to their masses. Other graphics like pixels are reserved for contest winners only. Other graphics may simply not spark my interest. If I haven't specifically said I won't make it, feel free to contact me and ask.

2. Why is it taking so long to finish my request?

I try to complete all requests within a week, if they are taking longer check the pending list to see if there is a long list of people ahead of you. Feel free to send me a email once a week to inquire but please do not email me every couple of hours.

3. Can I be at the top of the pending list? I need something ASAP

No, my service is free so everyone is equal, its first come first serve.

4. Do you accept paid commission?

No, its not something I can commit to or want to purse, graphic design is a hobby and I want it to stay that way.

5. Can you remake something? I don't like the way it turned out.

If you are not happy with the request you can apply for request again but I cannot gurantee that I will make something perfect for you the next time.