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Website Reviews

The following are website reviews done by me. Please note these are my opinions and suggestions! Thanks to everyone who applied for reviews ♥

Title: Sugar Graphics
Category: Graphic
Staff: My
Warnings: None
Quick Summary: Sugar Graphics is a graphic site run by My, it offers some really love selection of graphics ranging from icons to layouts! This site has decent chunk of content with a wide range of styles! One highlight of this graphic site is the wide range of icons styles it showcases, ranging from fairly simple to lots of editing. Could use a few tweeks but overall a great site!



They layout of this site is very cute. Its a nice dark sleek color that is non-irritating to the eyes, I am not a huge fan of the main font as it doesn't look as sleek and a bit sharp. Maybe would try Tahoma, verdana or Arial as these fonts are professional and comfortable to read? In addition, I really do feel the layout does not do justice for the site. The web layout for the graphic site is like the cover of a book, while you should't judge the book based on a cover, many people do judge the graphic site by its main layout. The design is nice but looking at the premades, some of the designs were more advanced and showed a higher level of skill. I feel for the main design, it should be one of your bests. For example, a layout similar to Stereo Hearts might do more justice!



I love how condensed and simple everything was,but I am not a fan of the click on one thing that lead to other. As someone who often use premade icons, I rarely will click my way through a "content" page. I highly recommend trying a side bar where you can display the meat of the site, the graphics by a simple one click away! Its easier for visitors to find what they are looking for instead of clicking on a small linked word.



The content is very solid for this site. Quality and Quantity is both there. I personally enjoyed the browsing through the renders, I also loved the fact that you offer screen shots. There are lots of graphic sites out there, offering something different from everyone else is always a highlight! Some thing I would love to see more of is layouts! It is a bit on the short end of the rope compared to everything else, the layouts made are nice so I definitely would like to see more!



The vibe is generally good! 2.gif I think My comes of as quite friendly and nice. There is no giant rules page or any sort of passive aggressive do nots that are plastered around the site, so big bonus! One thing I do suggest you maybe try a tagboard, guestbook or comment section. Aside from the contact me, there isn't really much for visitors to casually comment, complimet or leave a message to the webmiss. This puts up a small wall between web owner and visitors. I think its always nice to have someoe tell you they saw your update and think your new additions are great!

Reviewers Final Thoughts

My Favorite part: Very good solid content, lots of variety and the screen shots are a great bonus resource.

Suggested improvements: I highly suggest trying PHP so you can update your layout/content more easily! A tagboard might also be great!

Posted by Mochi